Flora Jeans Top

Flora Jeans Top
- 2 in 1 top with the Jean cloth fabric as fashion cardigan and a flora blouse
- the flora blouse is slightly stretchable, with a zip at the side, and 2 slim pockets in front
- the jeans top is slightly shining in nature

Available in 3 colours
Red Flora
Yellow Flora
Black & White Flora

S Size and M Size
RM45 per blouse

Pearl Weaved Scarf

Beatiful Pearl Weaved Scarf
- Hand-weaved scarf with a flower knot in front
- Whole scarf is flower patterned with pearl weaved on each flower

Free Size, available in 3 colours
  1. Beach White (with white pearl)
  2. Black (with black pearl)
  3. Dull Pink (with white pearl)

    RM43 per piece

Italy Sensation Top

- thin cotton like fabric in front
- satin like fabric at the sleeves and back with "italy" pattern
- transparent back that creates the most sensation

Free Size, available in 4 colours
  1. White
  2. Light Grey
  3. Light Beach
  4. Light Pink

RM38 / piece


BonBon Sleeve Top

BonBon Sleeve Top
- Cotton like fabric
- Plain colour with 3 black buttons as decor in front
- Loose top and tight end at waist level

Free size
Available in 8 colours:

White - Yellow - Green - Blue

Red - Purple - Brown - Black

only at RM26 / piece
promotion at RM 48 / 2 pieces


Sunshine Flora Dress

Beautiful dress in sunshine flora pattern for both your dinner wear and casual wear
- satin like fabric in 2 layers (surface and bottom)
- tied back strings or can be tied as ribbon in front
- stretchable back

Orange Flora:

Red Flora:

Tropical Mixed Flora:

Purple-Blue Flora:

Free Size, available in 4 patterns
  1. Orange Flora
  2. Red Flora
  3. Tropical Mixed Flora
  4. Purple-Blue Flora
RM49 per dress (best buy!)